Sunday, February 27, 2011

These Hopeful Machines

Welp, no surprise here: Forgot about the blog and drank my February away.

Still working on Bulletproof, but the work's pretty much slowed to a damn halt.

Not to mention I have roughly 11 days before I go to court for the DUI. That's going to be a fucking riot, lemme tell ya'.

Life in Powell is a bit of a drag. Every day is like clockwork and nothing really seems to change. My frustration's mounting and there's a lot of moping around with thoughts of suicide. The Irick house has an appreciable negative effect on me.

I'm trying to whittle down the details, but it's beginning to dawn on me that I can't. Writing down my feelings, I hope, will allow me to understand them better and I guess I'll do that another time.

My friends don't come out this far into North Knoxville and that makes coping much more difficult.

... Wow, this is long.

Let's just sum it all up: The circumstances and environment I'm currently living in fuel my negativity and depression by making me believe that if this is what my family calls living then I'd rather check out as soon as possible. What helps? Bars. Booze.

Thursday, January 20, 2011